Jay Z Sent Beyonce 10000 Roses Before Super Bowl

February 8, 2016


Many moons have passed, but these two kids seem to be crazy in love as ever! Legendary rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z sent Beyonce 10000 roses prior to her Super Bowl performance, on Sunday, February 7th, according to a source who witnessed the lovely romantic gesture.

The 34-year-old singer, actress, and all-around enormous celeb, took the stadium stage alongside headliner Coldplay and Bruno Mars.

Although the halftime show wasn’t as extravagant as other performances over the year, the lovable British pop rock band and their famous friends definitely put on a pretty entertaining show.

Beyonce performed her new song Formation, which is already breaking all kinds of records, before joining Chris Martin and Bruno Mars to sing the band’s biggest hits.

The Knowles-Carter and the Martin family are known to be very close, and Queen B recently collaborated with the band on their most recent album.

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