Jason Derulo Dumped Jordin Sparks Over The Phone

October 3, 2014


A lot of people were left in shock when Jason Derulo’s split from Jordin Sparks was confirmed last week. Speculations on what actually happened are in full blow. The RNB singer Jason Derulo has repeatedly been quoted as saying he did not cheat and that those rumors are all lies and that he was never disloyal.

New information came on October 1st when Derulo was giving an interview on a New York radio station, which left everyone feel incredibly sorry for the lovely singer Jordin Sparks. Derulo admitted he dumped Sparks in a phone call rather than in person.

Derulo addressed the speculation that he broke up with his girlfriend of three years by text, saying, “Nah,I did not text her. It was like over the phone. I wasn’t in town.” A phone call break-up after three years? That’s gotta be tough.

During that same interview, Derulo claimed he still loves Sparks.

He also admitted to still creeping on her social media accounts: “You want to remain friends, but man that’s hard. I catch myself looking at her Instagram and seeing what she’s doing because I love her. You just don’t fall out of love with somebody.”

He sure has a funny way of showing his affection.

This cold way to end a relationship is beyond reason, when considering that it was Derulo himself who repeatedly said that the only way their relationship could end was in marriage.

Sparks appears to be avoiding talking about the relationship ending in a bad manner, but she did say that the rumors of the reason being her pressuring Derulo into marriage are BS.

She appeared on the “Wendy Williams Show” on October 29th, and when asked by the host how was she doing she said: “I’m good, really no really, I’m good. I know you think that I’m not good but really, I’m good. I’m excited! I’m exploring my neighborhood; I’m finding places I like to eat, meeting new people. It’s been really great.”

Good for you, Jordin.

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