Janice Dickinson’s Apology to Tyra Banks

July 11, 2014


After many years of tension and unnecessary comments in the past, supermodel Janice Dickinson finally apologized to fellow supermodel Tyra Banks.

Dickinson explained herself:

“The one regret I’ve had is badmouthing Miss Tyra Banks when I was not speaking with a sober mindset. I just want to take this time to apologize to Tyra, and say I’m terribly sorry for any of the antagonistic things I’ve said about her in the past.

It was just because I was hurt from being fired from the show. I want to go to the marriage with Rocky with a clean slate and not having any regrets or resentments, and I think I’ve said some pretty nasty things, which I humbly want to say I’m terribly sorry.”

The 59 year old model, who was one of the “it” girls of the 80’s wanted to get married with a clear conscience. She’s engaged to Dr. Robert “Rocky” Gerner.

Janice was part of the panel of judges in Tyra’s ANTM show for two seasons.

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