Jamie Foxx Celebrates Birthday With Girlfriend Katie Holmes

December 15, 2015


Hollywood’s Jamie Foxx celebrated his birthday on Saturday, December 12th, and he did it in a truly fun way!

The famous A-lister got a birthday surprise party, orchestrated by his girlfriend Katie Holmes, who made sure that the world-known actor’s “big 48” got the attention it deserved.

Holmes, along with Foxx’s close celebrity pals Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, surprised the singer/actor with a magnificent birthday bash at famed New York City’s Le Bilboquet establishment.

Don’t be shocked if this is the first time you’ve heard about Foxx and Holmes’ romance, since the alleged couple has been secretly dating for the past two years! They lovely couple goes to many lengths to keep their love a secret, which includes disguises. Back in September, Katie allegedly put on a wig and a hat to meet Jamie at a Los Angeles hotel.

According to an insider close to the A-list actress Katie is very much in love and is “all about Jamie.” The stunning duo was linked back in 2013, and they have tried to keep their blossoming romance under wraps since then. However, the couple was photographed holding hands in March. That didn’t stop them from hiding, though. According to the same source, Katie is “always gushing about how amazing Jamie is and how much joy he brings into her life.” “She said she loved him,” the source concluded.

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