Jada Pinkett Smith Boycotting the Oscars

January 19, 2016


Two years in a row the Academy has nominated 20 white actors for the prestigious award in 20 categories.

Lack of diversity has upset many actors of color, particularly Jada Pinkett Smith, who has decided to take action, however small.

Wife of two-time Oscar nominee Will Smith will boycott the Oscars this year by not attending the ceremony and by not watching it on television.

She previously tweeted that people of color are “rarely recognized for [their] artistic accomplishments”, adding, “Should people of color refrain from participating all together?”

Pinkett Smith didn’t forget the fact that Chris Rock will be hosting this year’s Oscars, concluding “there is no better man for the job”. And yet, in a series of tweets questioning the Academy’s decision not to nominate any people of color, the 44-year-old actress said:

“Here is what I believe, the Academy has the right to acknowledge whomever they choose, to invite whomever they choose and now, I think that it is our responsibility now, to make the change.”

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