Is Andrew Garfield Afraid Of Being Famous?

October 2, 2015


Fame and glory are things most people crave in life. However, some of them simply can’t handle it when it hits them – just look at Lindsay Lohan!

Nowadays, there are many young stars on the rise, and one of them decided to share his fears with the rest of us.

Andrew Garfield, who recently got big thanks to his superhero role in “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies, did an interview with New York Magazine in which he talked about his struggles as a famous person.

Said the actor: “My priority is the work, and the work is dependent on people not knowing very much about me. So where’s the balance? Where’s the line that I have to walk, and we all have to walk? Because I do want to make a difference in the world, I really do, and that’s a really cheesy thing to want.”

Garfield then addressed the celebrity ‘mold’ everyone is looking for: “We’re only accepted if we are…well, name it. White…handsome, charming, charismatic, thin-enough eyebrows to be beautiful, but thick enough to still be masculine.”

He added: “We are told constantly we’re not enough, we’re told constantly we don’t have enough, we’re told constantly that we’ll never be enough.

There you go folks – that’s the famous life behind the curtains, when the lights go down and the cameras are off. Being famous isn’t that easy after all, is it?

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