Ice T and Coco Expecting Their First Child

July 28, 2015


Sometimes wishes do come true! Congratulations are in order for legendary rapper Ice T and his model wife of 14 years, Coco Austin, who are expecting their first child together!

The joyful news came straight from the mothership, Coco herself, who tweeted: “I’m pregnant! Yah! Ice and I are so excited!”

Coco’s life will now be complete, as she always wanted to have a baby. The 57-year-old rapper already has two children and a 20-year-old grandson, so he’s not new to the whole baby thing.

However, he should get those running shoes out of the closet and not get to comfortable in his older middle-age, since he’s got one more baby round to do.

The lovely pair had babies on their mind in the past couple of years, however, due to Coco’s high blood pressure it was not safe for her to carry a baby. She underwent a lifestyle change to get her health under control, and she couldn’t be happier that she pulled through.

The reality stars have another project underway, but it’s not so prenatal. Their new daily talk show, Ice And Coco, is scheduled to premiere in August. They have also been proud puppy-parents to two lovely bulldogs, Spartacus and Maximus.

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