He Who Waits: Leo DiCaprio Finally Wins An Oscar

February 29, 2016


The internet can stop making memes of famed Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio not receiving an Oscar, and fans can stop pointing out just how unfair that is.

DiCaprio finally snatched the coveted golden statue on Sunday, February 28th, at the 88th Academy Awards. The iconic actor won the trophy for Actor in a Leading Role for his amazing performance in The Revenant.

In The Revenant, DiCaprio plays a 19th-century American frontiersman, who is left for dead by his fellow men after being mauled by a bear.

The highly anticipated moment was definitely surreal for the handsome actor, who has been nominated six times in total. As he made his way towards the stage, DiCaprio received a standing ovation from the A-list crowd, which he thanked from the bottom of his heart.

“The Revenant was a product of the tireless efforts of the cast and crew I got to work alongside,” the 41-year-old artist said before thanking Tom Hardy, his co-star, for his “fierceness on screen and for his friendship off screen.”

As a vocal environmentalist, DiCaprio addressed climate change in his speech, saying that “it’s the most urgent threat facing our entire species.” “We need to work together to stop procrastinating,” DiCaprio pleaded, “Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take tonight for granted.”

Kate Winslet, DiCaprio’s close friend and Titanic co-star, was seen getting emotional and beaming with pride in the audience.

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