Harrison Ford Is Up In The Air Again And He’s ‘Very, Very Happy’

May 29, 2015


Harrison Ford has proved yet again that he’s a true action-man.

The actor decided to go airborne only 3 months after his plane crash, and the “Indiana Jones” star certainly looked thrilled to be taking to the air again when the photographers spotted him at Santa Monica airport.

A source revealed that the actor was walking with a slight limp, but otherwise looked quite healthy and excited for he was about to take off.

“This is the first time Harrison was back at the airport since his scary crash landing. Harrison was very, very happy to be back at the airport. He kept smiling,” an insider told People.

“He co-piloted his helicopter and flew up and down the coast with a friend for a couple of hours. He seemed very excited about flying again,” the source added.

The Crash

Ford spent several weeks in hospital where he was treated for two broken bones and a deep cut to the head, after the actor crashed a World War II aircraft whose engine failed mere moments after taking off.

The resourceful actor managed to steer the plane away from houses and crashed on a small golf course nearby.

After the crash, the stubborn star reportedly told his wife Calista Flockhart that he wanted to fly again as soon as possible. It appears that Calista’s efforts to talk him out of it just weren’t enough.

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