Halle Berry Shows Off Her Catwoman Post-Baby Body On The Set Of “Extant”

April 6, 2014


Have you seen pictures of Halle Berry from the set of her new series, “Extant?” If you’ve been struggling with weight issues for years, take a Xanax or do some yoga before you check them out. It’s really, really hard not to be jealous of Halle Berry, hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the world since she first landed on the big (and little) screen years ago.

Was she ever NOT beautiful??

In case you didn’t know, she’s a former first-runner up in the Miss USA pageant AND she placed sixth in the Miss World pageant. You may or may not remember her in the 1989 ABC show, “Living Dolls,” but she made enough of an impact that shortly afterwards she felt confident enough to head out to Hollywood and make her mark.

Her first major role was a tiny one in Spike Lee’s 1991 film, “Jungle Fever.” In the role, she played a hardened drug addict, and probably the most remarkable thing about her stellar performance is that underneath all of the painted on grit and grime, her natural beauty still managed to shine through!

The woman to watch

For years, Halle’s been the one to watch at award show after award show. Top designers beg to dress her, and she probably couldn’t make a “Worst Dressed” list if she tried.

So it’s not at all surprising to see that the Oscar-winning diva, a 47-year old who looks better than woman half her age, looks like a firecracker once again in her latest film, “Extant.”

Berry is set to star in the Steven Spielberg produced CBS television series this summer. She plays an astronaut who returns to earth after a year long solo mission who is trying her best to reconnect emotionally with her family.

Beauty and the beasts


Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you probably know that in spite of all of her success and beauty, Berry has been somewhat unlucky in the romance department.

Each of her relationships and/or marriages has made the tabloids in one way or another.

“Passion” and “volatility” are two words that could describe each and every one of her relationships, including her marriages to David Justice and crooner Eric Benét as well as her relationship with her daughter Nahla’s father, ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

There are even loud whispers that her marriage to French actor Olivier Martinez has been rocked by vicious rows.

Time traveler? A Berry likely story


With the possibility of all of this going on, you’d think that Berry would be showing signs of stress, but you’d be disappointed if that’s what you were secretly hoping.

Berry seems to have found a hole in the space-time continuum because she looks better than she ever has.

Wearing sleek black leggings and a grey hoodie, the star, who recently gave birth to baby Maceo, jogged around the set looking like an advertisement for Nike or Reebok.

There was no sign in sight that she’d given birth EVER, let alone five months ago. If she’s bringing the same level of intensity to her acting that she’s brought to her physical health, “Extant” will be THE show to watch this summer.

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