Gift Bags 2017 Oscar Nominees Are Given Are Worth $100k – Here’s What’s Inside

February 28, 2017

As if Hollywood A-listers aren’t lucky enough to have the best job in the world, earn millions and get to attend all the red carpet events, we just found out that they also receive pricey Oscars goody bags during the most important Academy Awards event of the year, just to feel even more spoiled.

We already knew that every year, exclusive gift bags are put together and distributed to all the nominees at the prestigious ceremony, but now Business Insider managed to find out the exact price of these swag bags, and more importantly – what’ inside.

$100k Of Randomness

These mystery goody bags are each worth around $100k and are stocked full of pretty much random but awesome stuff. Interestingly enough, although the bags have quite a hefty price-tag, not all the items that hide inside can be described as luxurious.

Yes, some items are indeed as glamorous as one might think, but there is also a plethora of products that range from ‘normal’ to even rather strange and obscure.

Here’s what Business Insider found when they took a sneak peek into some of these goody bags:

  • spa stays in exotic locations such as California and Italy (these were among the most expensive ones)
  • private range stays by the Pacific Ocean
  • some pricey gadgets (including a kit to transform your home into a ‘smart home’)
  • luxurious chocolates
  • body creams…

However, there were also some pretty unexpected items:

  • good old-fashioned chapsticks
  • apples
  • a CPR kit
  • a book about hair
  • cellulite massage pads
  • pelvic floor trainers…

Crazy stuff. Apples, CPR kit, and pelvic floor trainers are my favorites. Which are yours?

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