First Look At American Horror Story: Freak Show

August 28, 2014


The first look at Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s love-child show has left fans all around the globe excited as children on Christmas morning! The upcoming fourth season of the awesome FX anthology series is said to be the best one yet, which is a hard task, considering Asylum but an easy one when looking at Coven.

This season’s story is based in Florida, circa 1952. The center of the show is a “troupe of curiosities” that arrives in a town, at the same time as a dark entity emerges from the shadows, threatening everyone – townsfolk and freaks alike. The official description says that “This is the story of the performers and their desperate journey of survival amid the dying world of the American carny experience.”

The cast is well-known by now, minimally changing from season to season. Jessica Lange stars as Elsa Mars, a German expat managing one of the last remaining freak shows in the country.

Emma Roberts is set as Maggie, and she is “not a villain” this time. Sarah Paulson is Bette and Dot Tattler conjoined twin sisters and performers in the freak show.

Kathy Bates plays Ethel Darling, a bearded lady, mother of Peters’ character and ex-wife of Chiklis’ character.

Michael Chiklis is Wendell Del Toredo, the strongman of the freak show, father of Peters’ character, ex-husband of Bates’ character and husband of Bassett’s character; Angela Bassett is Desiree Dupree also a performer in the show and Evan Peters is Jimmy Darling, son of Bates’ and Chiklis’ characters and a performer in the freak show.

Frances Conroy and Gabourey Sidibe will also return to the cast, which includes newcomers Wes Bentley, Fargo’s John Carroll Lynch as the central villain and The Normal Heart’s Finn Wittrock , as well as the world’s smallest living woman, Jyoti Amge. Matt Bomeris set for a guest stint and the legendary Patti LaBelle will play a local townsperson who begins to unravel the murderous secrets of Twisty the clown killer.

Muprhy said in a recent interview that you have the tropes at every freak show, but there are some truly unique and weird.

“It’s about something: It’s about outcasts and how society at that time … true stories about circus performers who were cast aside. The story in many ways dovetails with Asylum, because they leave one era and you can see many of them in real life were put into asylums. There’s a great symmetry we’ve come up with that’s rewarding.”

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