Finally Laid To Rest: Casey Kasem Buried 6 Months After Death

December 23, 2014


Finally, six months after his death, American radio legend Casey Kasem was laid to rest last week. Casey was buried in Norway, at the Vestre Gravlund, a large cemetery in the country, but there was one thing missing: the consultation of his children.

Casey’s daughter Kerri Kasem’s representative confirmed the burial: “Jean buried him without telling the kids. She does not have to tell them since she is the conservator over his remains.”

The delayed burial came after a long and bitter family fight between the iconic DJ’s three children and Jean Kasem, their stepmother.

Kerri shared her enraged thoughts on Facebook: “This morning my family and I learned that my Dad’s abusive wife Jean Thompson Kasem and their daughter Liberty conned a cemetery in Norway into burying my Dad there. Even with ALL the letters, attached below, from my father’s friends and family stating that he wanted to be buried in the UNITED STATES, the country in which he was born and raised, his wishes were, once again, ignored by his unfaithful wife. HOW MANY MORE WITNESSES DO YOU NEED… WEST LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT WHERE ARE YOU?!”

The American Top 40 host died aged 82, on Father’s Day this past June, after being hospitalized for an infected bedsore. He suffered from Lewy body dementia and was bedridden for some time before he passed away.

One month after her father’s death, Casey’s daughter stated that her father’s body is missing and that they’re not surprised: “We expected something like this to happen.” Allegedly, Jean Kasem had removed her husband’s body from the funeral home in Washington State. Jean denied the allegations.

The horrid family feud started after Casey’s kids claimed that Jean had prevented them from seeing their dying father. Casey and Jean married in 1980.

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