Eva Mendes Shares Her Beauty And Fitness Tricks

June 18, 2015


It’s always intriguing to see a female celebrity getting older but more beautiful with each appearance. Hollywood celebs are people who simply know how to take care of themselves, but they seldom share their secrets with the world.

However, one of the prettiest women in Hollywood recently decided to come out with her beauty tricks. During a Facebook Q&A, actress Eva Mendes responded to her fans with advices on how to look beautiful and feel that way.

When asked how to stay healthy while having a busy schedule, Mendes responded: “Drinking warm water and lemon every morning before my coffee and staying hydrated all day long really helps me stay healthy and helps my skin look its best.”

The next topic was makeup, for which the actress has a few methods: “Believe it or not, after I’ve applied my makeup, if I really want it to stay all day, I run the hot shower for a minute and I let the steam settle my makeup. I know it sounds weird but it works for me!”

Finally, Eva Mendes shared her story about working out: “I do cardio and light weights at least three times a week. I think eating anything you want – as long as it’s in moderation is good.”

Some of her tricks might be unorthodox, but they clearly work for Eva Mendes. Nonetheless, it strange to think this Hollywood beauty owes her great figure and youthful looks to warm water and hot showers.

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