Diddy Punched Drake?

December 10, 2014


We know what you’re thinking, but no, it was not over a girl, and yes, the world of show-business is basically high school with no rules… and a lot of money.

Reportedly, rap legend and mogul P. Diddy (formerly known as Diddy, and as Puff Daddy before that) and rapper Drake were involved in a brawl at a Miami nightclub, on Monday morning!

According to witnesses and sources close to the rappers, P. Diddy gave Drake a piece of his mind (and fist) because of a song!

The 45-year-old was allegedly upset over the song “0 To 100/ The Catch Up,” which recently earned 28-year-old Drake two Grammy nominations.

An insider revealed that producer Boi-1da gave the two performers a track to record earlier this year, but Diddy took his time and sat on the song.

Drake, frustrated and in need of a good beat recorded the song anyway, in spite of the entrepreneur’s wrath. Diddy confronted the Toronto native at Fontainebleau Hotel’s Liv club, because it was the first time the two had seen each other since the song was released.

After not getting the response he hoped for, the hip hop veteran said: “You’ll never disrespect me again,” and punched Drake right between his wide-set eyes.

However, other sources claim that the fight was about singer Cassie, Diddy’s girlfriend. According to this version, Drake made some nasty comments about the young RNB performer.

The fight, which occurred around 4am, resulted in Diddy injuring the Canadian child star pretty well.

Ray LeMoine, editor of Bullet Magazine, had been at the event earlier and received multiple text messages about the incident. According to the people who texted him, “Drake definitely got the s**t kicked out of him.” LeMoine concluded: “I heard they were taking him to the hospital.”

Sam Sneaker, Rick Ross’ DJ, who also attended the star-studded party, tweeted his account of the whole event like he was a sports commentator. The DJ started with: “It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie,” following with: “Drake at the Hospital Smh,” “He dislocated his Shoulder,” and of course “It’ll come out soon,” and “Yall pray for Drake.”

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