David Tennant Returns To Doctor Who

October 26, 2015


“Doctor Who” is becoming more and more popular with each passing month – just for the last two seasons, we’ve been following the adventures of not the first, not the second, but the third actor in the titular role since the show started airing in 2005.

Although Peter Capaldi, the Eleventh Doctor, seems to have things under control and the love of the fans, David Tennant recently confirmed that he will be reprising his role as the Tenth Doctor for a series of audio plays for a Big Finish audio book.

As E! News reports, Tennant will be joined by Catherine Tate, who will return to her role of Donna Noble once again.

Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery said in a statement: “I still remember the sense of joy I had when I heard that David had been asked to play the Doctor. We were all so pleased for him—as we knew how much “Doctor Who” meant to him. And now David comes full circle, back doing Doctor Who with Big Finish—except that this time he’s playing the Doctor! It’s the same but different—it’s wonderful to have him back!”

“Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Technophobia” is the name of the first audio special. The story will be set in London in the near future, where people are starting to lose their ability to use technology. Two more specials are in the works and we can’t wait!

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