Christian Slater Admits To His Father’s Mental Problems

June 11, 2015


Family feuds are a common thing in Hollywood. From siblings fighting each other on and off set to daughter and father not talking at all, family members collide very often in the world of stardom.

One such case is that of Christian Slater and his father, Michael Hawkins. The two actors haven’t spoken in 9 years, but it seems like things are starting to settle.

While talking with Lars Von Trier for the new issue of Interview magazine, the “True Romance” star openly admitted that his father has mental issues.

Said Slater: “He’s a manic-depressive schizophrenic. He’s always had trouble – he was a fantastic actor and extraordinarily charismatic and very, very good looking, but he had a really difficult time working with directors, collaborating with people.”

He continued: “In the last few months my father actually reached out to me and wanted to reconcile and reconnect. I was very grateful to be able to communicate with him. From a tumultuous, back-and-forth relationship, we were able to begin to build a better bridge for the both of us. So that was good.

While Slater’s father is turning 80 this year and working on his problems, the actor himself claims he’s in a great relationship with his own kids. We guess Christian Slater is smart enough to learn from other people’s mistakes.

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