Celebrity Style Makeovers: 15 Celebrities Who Are Constantly Reinventing Themselves


Reinvention isn’t an easy task, but to some it comes naturally. On the other hand, it’s a must to some and is a thing of force which must be done. And there’s the third occupancy, when it’s just a thing that happens and they don’t even realize until someone tell them.

All three are wonders in their own way, because it is very hard to stay and not lose yourself while being reinvented quite so often.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna is new age’s makeover queen.

A recording artist and pop culture star, she has made a name for herself in the fashion scene as a daring dresser with a diverse range of taste, concreted by the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, given to her by Ana Wintour herself.

And it’s not only about her outfits. When she wears something, she changes everything to suit that outfit – from her nails, her makeup to her hair.

Speaking of her hair, Rihanna changed her hairstyle so many times we’ve lost count. At the beginning of her career, she was a cute girl next door, in crop tops, baggy jeans, girly outfits and long wavy brownish hair. They she shocked everyone with her black “goth ballerina” bob, which transferred to the “Rated R” version of the songstress with the half hawk- half shaved head with many different versions, and a rock style.

And who can forget blond Rihanna with black roots, redheaded Rihanna and oh gosh, the ombre! She is now rocking jet-black hairstyles and outfits that are more street and glamorous in the same time than ever. Time will only tell what transformation she’s preparing for the world next.

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