10 Celebrities with Strange Addictions


Everybody loves a little celebrity gossip. Whether its addictions, plastic surgery, or relationship woes, we just can’t seem to get enough sometimes.

Maybe our fascination stems from the fact that celebrities aren’t like us and we’re interested in how they live.

Maybe it stems from pure curiosity about humanity in general. Maybe our interests stem from schadenfreude and our desire to see people receive a comeuppance.

Whatever the cause for your personal interest in celebrity lives, you ought to find the follow list intriguing.

It covers some strange and even outlandish celebrity addictions that will pique your sense of amazement and have you shaking your head in disbelief. Read on and enjoy.

10. Anna Kendrick

We all love Anna Kendrick from seeing her in movies like “Up in the Air.” She charmed George Clooney, and received an Oscar nomination for that 2009 film. She was also a stand out in “Pitch Perfect”. She’s adorable, lovable, sweet and wholesome, all qualities we appreciate in our movie stars. It turns out, however, that Miss Kendrick has an addiction.

While most people consider online gaming to be a leisure time activity, Kendrick has taken it to a whole new level. She claims to play continuously for several hours… every day.

She says that games like “Angry Birds” take up almost all of her free time. She’s even joked about needing an intervention or therapy to break her addiction to online games and applications.

The Rapture-Palooza star has also admitted to being addicted to Reddit and Snapchat, both of which she uses throughout the day. Between the video games, online forums, and text messaging applications, it would be safe to say that Anna Kendrick is addicted to technology, particularly to mobile. There’s good news for Anna though.

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Being addicted to video games that make hours pass by in a blur is perfectly normal for a young adult in the twenty-first century.

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    Marry me Anna <3

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    So hot!

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    hate to tell all of u, but i asked her to marry me in my dreams, and in real life as well, so yeah, i could share if u want

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    Robert Pattinson claims to have sucked down 300 cans in a week… I call bullhuey! That would require drinking nearly 2 cans per HOUR… EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. Assuming a 16 hour day… we’re talking about 2 2/3rds cans every single one of those 16 hours where he would be awake. Bull squat. Seems he was on drugs and hallucinating while slamming diet coke!

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    Fucksakes, playing angry birds is not considered online gaming

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      What has the society come to D:!

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    um, so drinking tea is bad for you, it’s not even a weird addiction.

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    Funny, I thought Jack Black was addicted to Jelly Beans 🙂

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    for number 5, dude aspertame will make you go blind.

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    What girl doesn’t?

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    Poker tournaments aren’t typically played with cash. So if BA lost $500k it wasn’t real money.

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      poker tournaments have a buy in . with real money . so yes if theres a 500k buy in and you lose , you have lost 500k .

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    B. F. D , !
    So she likes the game ! If you like something and it’s not hurting you or, anyone . Have fun .
    She has a life .

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    I’ll be glad to help Salma with her obsession, if she runs out of kids.

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    Avril ; I like eyeliner on a lady. Not overdone. Once she stops being a lady, there’s nothing you can paint, or spray on that fixes the problem.

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    how Ironic for Ben Affleck… he should have taken hints from his role in Runner Runner lol

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    too bad..i thought, it was skylar astin whom she got addicted with..i love u,anna..can’t wait to see Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015..

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    Don’t believe that Ben Affleck plays that much poker or loose a lot of money. It might be a hobby, but gambling like that.. His wife would never allow him.

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    Cinnamon Toast Crunch is definitely addictive. I got together with our 3 yr old and killed a box in one day.