Casey Kasem To Be Buried In Norway?

August 18, 2014

Jean Kasem, the wife of legendary DJ and rock and roll icon Casey Kasem, has made arrangements to bury him in Oslo, Norway.

In a letter written to the Norwegian government on Aug. 7, Jean Kasem explained that she would like her husband’s final resting place to be Norway because Casey Kasem “always said that Norway symbolizes peace and looks like heaven and I would like to respectfully fulfill his wishes.”

Jean Kasem wrote that her heritage on her mother’s side is Norwegian and that she plans to move there by the end of the year, so she wants her husband’s remains to be near her and her daughter. The funeral and burial date has not been arranged yet, but local authorities have designated Western Cemetery in Oslo as the final resting place.

Jean’s nephew recently stated that they have no Norwegian ancestry.

Kasem died on June 15 in Gig Harbor, Washington, after battling Lewy Body dementia for several years. On July 14, Gaffney Funeral Home in Washington transported the remains to the airport so that he could be flown to Montreal, Canada, Corey Gaffney, president of the funeral home, told NBC News. At the time, Jean Kasem told Gaffney she was planning to bury her husband in Montreal, Canada.


Casey Kasem’s children from his first marriage maintain that their father wanted to be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.

They say Jean Kasem prevented them from speaking to or visiting with their father for nearly a year before he died.

“The family wishes that Jean would honor their father’s wishes and bury him in Forest Lawn where he’s always wanted to be,” a spokesperson for Kerri Kasem, his eldest daughter, stated.

Neither Jean Kasem nor her attorney Teruyuki Olsen responded to requests for comment.

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