Casey Kasem Still Not Buried

July 17, 2014


Although Casey Casem, the legendary radio personality, died over a month ago, his body has still not been buried! It was said at first that the burial will not be administered until two weeks have passed after his death, but the whole thing keeps on prolonging.

Casem’s body is still at the funeral home in Tacoma, Washington, according to his daughter Kerri. The problems seems to be that Casey’second wife, Jean Kasem, has the rights to his body and she still hasn’t made any arrangements regarding his burial! How awful! Radio’s prime time legend wanted to be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California. His children know that but it seems that his wife either doesn’t or she just doesn’t care.

The family has been known to be in feuds often, but one would think that those things can be put aside at hard moments, like a death of a loved one for example. Why the burial arrangements had still not been made, it is unknown. Jean Kasem hasn’t commented on this yet, and probably won’t.


Corey Kasem died on Father’s Day, at the age of 82, after suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease. He was the founder and original voice of American Top 40 countdown and he also gave a voice to a major cartoon character, Shaggy from “Scooby Doo,” as well as to Robin from “Super Friends.” He was introduced into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall Of Fame in 1985.

Near the end of his life he was moved to a convalescent home on the request of his wife Jean.

He had three children from his previous marriage.

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