Calvin Harris Happier Than Ever Thanks To Taylor Swift

July 17, 2015


In recent radio interviews, Calvin Harris shared more than we hoped he would, in regards to his relationship with Taylor Swift. The world-known DJ stated that he is “insanely happy” with the international superstar, and that their relationship is “going absolutely fantastic.”

The creator of numerous world hits also said that it’s very interesting when the media writes things about him and his beloved that change day-to-day, but despite the fact that public’s eye is constantly glued to their lives, the hit-maker is good with it, because he couldn’t be happier with Swift.

Swift has totally charmed the famed artist with her unusual array of talents and skills, like barbecuing and baking, and especially with the way she approaches life.

“It’s boxes I didn’t even know existed, she ticks. It’s really ridiculous… She’s generally an incredible cook and human being,” Harris noted.

One of music’s hottest “it” couples started dating in April this year, and in a matter of months kicked Beyonce and Jay Z off their “highest earning couple” throne. Swift and Harris racked a total of$146 million in 2014, and with that sum became the biggest power-couple in the entertainment business, even though they weren’t dating in the past year.

Although the pair has really crazy schedules, they still manage to see each other on a regular basis. For the looks of it, they will surely continue doing so in the future, as their overwhelming happiness is something all humans thrive to achieve.

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