Busy Beyonce: Unfolding Drama Offstage

March 7, 2014


She might be best known for her bootylicious body or being half of one of the music industry’s biggest power couples, but Beyonce has also been surrounded by controversy throughout her career.

From her late 1990s launch as the lead singer in “Destiny’s Child” to her current role as R&B megastar, and Blue Ivy’s mama, Beyonce’s illustrious career has been riddled with gossip and controversy.

Bey’s greatest hits might be played on radios nationwide, but her life away from the microphone has been scrutinized as well. Here are some of Beyonce’s most famous, or infamous, moves off of the stage.

1. “Destiny’s Child” Makeover

“Destiny’s Child” had its makeup changed several times as Beyonce launched her career. The group first found success as a foursome, but in 1999, two members left, citing unequal treatment compared to the group’s stars, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Soon thereafter, Michelle Williams joined the group, making Destiny’s Child a trio, and a highly successful one at that

2. Let’s go solo

Despite “Destiny Child’s” success, Beyonce wanted to take a stab at the music industry as a solo artist. Despite promises of a group reunion, “Destiny’s Child” members started working on solo projects, with Beyonce undoubtedly the most successful.

Although the group has alluded to possible future collaborations, with Bey’s success as a solo artist, it’s hard to imagine her returning to the group that made her famous

3. Secret power couple

Beyonce and Jay-Z, who married in November 2008, were romantically linked for years prior to their nuptials. However, the star-studded duo managed to keep their relationship under wraps, or at least out of the public eye, during their courtship.


4. Dad, you’re fired

Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, managed “Destiny’s Child” through its tumultuous road to success and continued as his daughter’s manager as her solo career launched. However, Bey gave her dad the pink slip in 2011, replacing him as her manager

5. Maybe baby

Not long after they said “I do,” Beyonce and Jay Z were rumored parents-to-be. When Bey confirmed the pregnancy in true Hollywood fashion, by unveiling her blossoming bump at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, her fans were a twitter.

However, throughout her pregnancy, Beyonce dodged fake pregnancy rumors, with her baby bump seemingly changing shapes and sizes depending on the day. Skeptics speculated that Bey was having a baby via surrogate and that her bump was fake, but those rumors never materialized.

6. A Knowles love child

Just as Beyonce was becoming a mama, scandal was brewing on her side of the family. Ex-manager and estranged father Mathew Knowles fathered a child with a 30-something mistress, and after denying the baby boy as his own, he was confirmed to be the father of this love child.

7. Mysterious baby bump

In 2013, reports surfaced that Blue Ivy was going to be a big sister. Beyonce was spotted around the globe with a potential baby bump. Rumors were quashed when Bey was spotted enjoying a glass or two of wine with her husband. Regardless, those pregnancy rumors will surely reignite again at some point

8. A Cuban vacation

The power couple visited Cuba; you know, that island that has a U.S. travel ban, in January 2011, resulting in criticism from many lawmakers.


9. Headed for divorce

Like every celebrity couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Z have been the subject of many marriage breakup rumors lately, with the most recent rumors of trouble in paradise as recent as fall 2013.

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