Bieber Drunk Dialing Cara Delevingne

July 28, 2014


Looks like Biebs has a case of the jelly bug, because the young singer and all-around troublemaker has some worries in his newest “breakup” phase with fellow singer and Disney protégé Selena Gomez!

They got together again and then they broke up for the millionth time, so she went on a yacht trip with model friend Cara Delevingne to celebrate her birthday, and had a super duper fun time.

Of course, the whole thing was captured on some photos, and they show that the newest Hollywood BFFs are really, like really close. Or at least that’s what they wanted to show.


It is known that Cara is bisexual, and that she actually prefers ladies to gentlemen, but Selena is not. Or is she?

Well, Justin Bieber got a little upset and worried not over the fact that his on-again-off-again girlfriend Miss Gomez has been seen with Italian businessman Tommy Chiabra, but over the fact that Cara and Selena spend a lot of time in bikinis together. How awkward.

Like all young people, he got drunk and called Cara on more than one occasion to ask her what’s going on between her and Selena.

And again, how awkward. The fact that Cara is bisexual doesn’t mean she can’t have friends of either sex.

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