Bars, Bars, Baby: Vanilla Ice Arrested For Theft

February 20, 2015


We would assume that 90’s rapper Vanilla Ice would have enough ice in his life, at least enough so he wouldn’t have to steal. The rapper turned home renovation guru was arrested in Lantana, Florida, for allegedly stealing furniture, a pool heater, bikes and other items from an empty home. Maybe he needed it for renovation?

The incident took place during the filming of the 47-year-old rapper’s DIY Network home-renovation show The Vanilla Ice Project, at an adjacent residence that is being foreclosed. The police said they found several of the stolen items at a residence that was “under the care and control” of Ice.

The property was subsequently returned to the owner and Robert Matthew Van Winkle was charged with burglary and grand theft, and allegedly, his lawyer is posting a $7000 bail bond.

This is not the first time that Ice has gotten himself into trouble with the law. He was arrested twice for allegedly assaulting his wife, Laura, in 2001 and 2008, and he was also arrested in 1991 for threatening a homeless man with a gun in Los Angeles.

If anyone had a troublesome and complicated career, it was Vanilla Ice. He had a worldwide number one smash hit in 1990 “Ice Ice Baby,” and his album To The Extreme is still one of the biggest-selling hip-hop records of all time.

However that may sound ridiculous now, it’s true. Everything fell apart when it was discovered that he was born into a suburban middle class family, although he claimed he was from the mean streets of the ghetto. The “Ninja Rap” theme song from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie didn’t help either. His second album Mind Blowin’ was definitely overkill, in which Ice constantly rapped about how much drugs he had taken in a Cypress Hill’s wannabe sound.

In recent years, Ice spoke several times about how he became dependent on drugs and how he wanted to commit suicide, before fatherhood and a stable family life made him rethink his decisions. He then reinvented himself as a hardcore rap-metal frontman called V.Ice and a reality TV home renovation handyman. At least this time around he’s original.

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