Ariana Grande Being Investigated For Donut Licking

July 9, 2015


When it comes to fame and all of the things that come along with it, it’s pretty easy to conclude that saying that you hate your country and the people in it before licking food that doesn’t belong to you isn’t the best choice. However, it seems that famed pop singer Ariana Grande didn’t get the memo.

After security footage showing Miss Grande licking donuts on the counter in a Los Angeles donut shop surfaced, the police decided to investigate the whole thing since it is, after all, a health hazard.

However, that’s not the only problem Grande is facing, since fans are raging all over social media because of her horrid, bratty teenager behavior.

In the footage, Grande can be seeing with her boyfriend (and back-up dancer), licking a donut that was on a tray on the counter (since the woman working at the counter went in the back to get fresh donuts that customers asked for, not putting the trey back behind the glass), and daring him to do the same (which he, naturally, did).

Grande then jumped up and down in total hysteria, and when the woman came back with fresh donuts stated “I hate Americans, I hate America. This is disgusting.”

The 22-year-old celeb later tweeted an apology of some sort, claiming that she is “extremely proud to be American,” and that her statement, “said in a private moment,” was “taken out of context.” If you say so, Ariana. She also addressed the food habits of Americans in her “apology”, and said that she is very frustrated by child obesity rates. The only thing she didn’t explain was the donut-licking moment.

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