Antonio Banderas Not Giving Up On His Marriage

June 10, 2014


Even though the divorce papers are filed, stacked and ready for court, the hot middle-aged Latino actor is reportedly not giving up on his marriage with Melanie Griffith.

The newest source of the divorce drama info is none other than Natalie Burn, his recent co-star in Expendables 3 and his rumored mistress! Burn shed light on Antonio’s heartache, saying:

“I know he mentioned he had some problems. In Cannes he was saying that he was trying to fix the marriage… He’s deeply in love with her… In Cannes he was sad which is why he told people and how much he wanted to work it out. When he said it he was upset and obviously going through a rough time.”

She stated that they were nothing more than co-workers and friends. She also added that she’s hoping that this is only a rough patch between them, because she loves them together and simply adores Griffith, as a woman and an actress.

Rough patch or not, the papers are filed and we can only hope that there is no hate between them.

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