Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Mind Being In Menopause

November 23, 2015


Angelina Jolie has recently done a candid interview for The Daily Telegraph in which she revealed she doesn’t mind being in menopause, actually – she ‘loves’ it.

The 40-years-old actress and director is entering early stages of menopause, but she hasn’t experienced any inconveniences thus far. “I haven’t had a terrible reaction to it, so I’m very fortunate,” says Angelina. “I feel older, and I feel settled being older. I feel happy that I’ve grown up. I don’t want to be young again.”

Putting Things Into Perspective

The famous star also talked about her latest movie she directed and starred in, “By the Sea”, when she revealed that movie’s storyline was actually inspired by her mother’s death.

The film focuses on a marriage in turmoil after the female lead character, Vanessa, suffers a miscarriage.

“I went to the hospital to visit my mum when she was about to have her ovaries removed. She was very upset, feeling like they were taking out the parts of her that were female,” said Angelina.

“There was another woman down the hall who was wailing. I found out later she was a young woman who hadn’t had children yet – and that put everything into perspective.”

Angelina’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand (who also had a rich career as an actress and producer), died after a long battle with breast and ovarian cancer back in 2007 at age 56.

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