An Indian Affair: Orlando Bloom Deported

December 22, 2015


Something truly unusual happened to one of the world’s biggest names in the industry on Saturday, December 19th. While trying to promote the tourism of India, famed Hollywood A-lister Orlando Bloom got deported!

The Lord Of The Rings star arrived in Delhi at 1:30am, only to discover that the e-visa he applied for back in November had been rejected!

Without a valid visa, the 38-year-old blood was then deported back to Britain at 4am.

After the intervention of India’s External Affair Minister, Bloom was granted a visa the following day.

Amar Singh, a politician who is hosting Bloom in the country, revealed that the actor had no idea his e-visa was not in order. “He had applied for an e-visa and didn’t get a reply. His office thought that he would get the visa on arrival.”

Singh added that Bloom was feeling unwell when he arrived, but despite a doctor advising he be admitted to hospital for a stomachache, he was sent back to the U.K. on the next flight.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean was finally admitted into India on Sunday, December 20th.

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