Amy Schumer’s Hilarious Comments On Dating In Your 20s

October 16, 2015


Dating comes hard to some people, and we can’t say it’s encouraging when a comedian like Amy Schumer compares the activity to one of the worst natural disasters in the world. Nonetheless, that’s what she did, and it was hilarious.

During a performance on her new show “with Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo,” to comedian made a remark on what dating looks like when you’re in your 20s.

She said: “Remember 20s love? You’re just so arrogant. You’re like, ‘We’re so lucky we found each other. What are all these sad songs about?’ I think of 20s love as the same as the tsunami…

This is just a glimpse of what her new show will bring to the table. It’s directed by Chris Rock and begins airing on Saturday, October 17th on HBO.

Hold on tight, as Schumer is best known for her brutally honest and fearless remarks which will make you tear up with laughter.

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