America’s Pretty Woman: 15 Things You Might Not Know About Julia Roberts

March 12, 2014

Julia Roberts is well known for so many of her marvelous roles and, of course, jaw-dropping beauty, but not everyone may be aware of some of the little details that make up her life. The following fifteen facts will help you get to know Julia better than you did before!

1. Musically inclined

Julia Roberts

When Julia was in school, she was interested in making music and played the clarinet.

2. Music video

Julia Roberts

As a huge Dave Matthews fan, Roberts was the perfect candidate for a cameo in the artists video for “Dreamgirl.”

3. Not much for iambic pentameter

Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts

Julia might be known for some of her ‘fairytale’ romance leads, but she is not typically game for Shakespearian roles; she turned down the lead for Shakespeare in “Love” that won Gwyneth Paltrow an Oscar for the role.

4. Acting family

Julia Roberts

While some fans may know that Julia has a brother, Eric Roberts, who is also an actor, few people know that the siblings acted in a film together called “Blood Red.”

5. Scarlet’s neighborhood

86th Annual Oscars Arrivals

Many people don’t know that Julia Roberts hails from the South; in fact, she was born in Smyrna, Georgia.

6. Lays down to look good

17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards_Press Room

Lots of actresses have their quirks and tricks to look good, but Julia insists that makeup artists apply makeup to her face as she is lying down; she believes it gives her a more relaxed appearance.

7. Horsing around

Julia Roberts,

When it comes to roles with horses, Julia does her own riding and is, in fact, a very accomplished rider.

8. She’s crafty

TIFF - August: Osage County - Premiere

Julia might have liked singing in the tub when she starred in “Pretty Woman”, but in her real life spare time she likes to knit.

9. Tattoos

Julia Roberts

Julia has the names of her three children tattooed on her lower back. Though fans have speculated that she might have a fourth, she has been emphatic about keeping her family just as it is.

10. Big break

Premiere August Osage County

Julia got her break-out role when she played a pizza parlor employee in the film “Mystic Pizza.”

11. Millions

The New York premiere of 'August: Osage County'

Julia Roberts is regarded as the first female actress to be paid $20 million for acting in a film.

12. Impetuous

Julia Roberts

After just a few weeks of dating, Julia went to the altar to marry first husband Lyle Lovett. The marriage lasted longer than the courtship at 21 weeks.

13. Fun food

Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis

For her second wedding, Julia served guests hamburgers and hotdogs on her ranch. In attendance at the wedding was actor Bruce Willis who is a long-time fan of the actress.

14. Small screen

Julia Roberts and Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie

Though the actress seems to rule the big screen with her films having collectively grossed more than $2 billion, she has also appeared on the small screen in television shows like “Friends” and “Miami Vice.”

15. Lefty

oscars best actresses 090113

Although Julia is left-handed, she practiced using her right-hand for the film “Erin Brockovich” since the real life Brockovich is right-handed; the switch might have helped her win the Oscar for the film.

As one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses of all time, Julia Roberts still tries to keep a low profile when she’s around her family. While she spends more time at home, she does still select roles here and there so fans can continue to expect more great things from this one-of-a-kind actress.

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