Amanda Bynes Released From Mental Institution

October 31, 2014


Actress and former Disney child star Amanda Bynes has been released from the mental institution in Pasadena, California, where she was involuntarily committed to a few weeks ago. The troubled star was seen walking alone on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Bynes went before a hearing officer at the facility and asked to be released. The officer felt the actress was stable enough to leave and they were not allowed to keep her involuntarily under a 5150 psychiatric hold. The officer ended the 30-day hold that had has been granted last week.

It has been claimed that the “She’s The Man” actress feels utterly betrayed by her mother Lynn and her father Rick Bynes, after they secretly arranged for her to be taken to the said hospital.

An insider claims that Bynes said her relationship with her mother and father has been “destroyed forever” and she is “furious with them for tricking her into seeking treatment.”

During her walk, the “Easy A” actress grabbed a meal and seemed pretty chatty with her waiter… and herself. While she ate her meal she talked to her favorite person, Amanda Bynes, and then went on to look for a hotel room. She was turned down by several places.

Some reports surfaced recently saying that her mother has allegedly filed a petition to become her conservator once again, on October 22nd. Lynn is requesting to be granted a conservatorship for her daughter, which would put her in control of Amanda’s well-being and finances, stating that “a conservatorship is necessary at this time to protect the proposed conservatee’s person and estate.”

In fact, Amanda’s mother previously had legal control over the actress and her estate, but her temporary conservatorship ended after a year. The documents also reportedly list her assets: $2.8million in property and an annual income of $144,768. Amanda’s parents allegedly also told the judge that their daughter is a “substantial risk to herself and others.”

Amanda spent five months in a treatment facility last year, when she was also placed under involuntary psychiatric hold. She was released in December and appeared to be getting her life back on track until recently when she was arrested for driving under influence.

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