Actress Maggie Grace Engaged

February 19, 2015


There’s definitely something in the air in the magical kingdom of show business! Actress Maggie Grace is engaged to her boyfriend director Matthew Cooke!

Maggie shared the news herself via Instagram on February, 18th, when she posted an adorable picture of herself in Cooke’s embrace, with the caption:

“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along. Rumi Matthew Cooke & I are so excited to share our engagement with you guys! I could not feel more grateful to share my life with this incredible man.”

The Taken actress shared another lovable snap in which the How to Make Money Selling Drugs director dips her while she cradles his face in her hands.

Maggie Grace previously dated Ian Somerhalder, who also played her brother in Lost.

In an recent interview, she admitted that she’s still pals with the Vampire Diaries star, who also recently got engaged to Nikki Reed. She also said that she hasn’t dated too many actors:

“I did when I was really young, for a couple of years, but it’s nothing against actors. Ian Somerhalder and I are still very good friends. You can certainly reconcile schedules with actors but it takes some doing, and I just don’t have that energy.”

Well, there’s nothing left to say besides “good luck!” We’ll be waiting for some wedding news.

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