A Truly Overprotective Aunt: Kelly Osbourne Banned From Two Parks

December 4, 2015


Aunts love their nieces and nephews nothing short from their parents (while being much more fun), and famed reality TV star and fashionista Kelly Osbourne proved that the term “aunty bear” should be listed right next to the term “momma bear.”

The 31-year-old Fashion Police host spoke in a recent interview about her love for niece Pearl, and about the lengths she goes to when thinking that she might be in danger of any kind.

Osbourne, daughter of famed Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and TV talent competition judge Sharon Osbourne, revealed that she’s really protective of her brother Jack’s firstborn.

Not only that, but Kelly admitted that she even got banned from two parks for yelling at a child and the child’s mother because “the kid was mean to her niece.”

Jack and his wife, Lisa Stelly respectively, have two children together – the mentioned and overly-protected Pearl Clementine, born in April 2012, and Another daughter Andy Rose, who was born in June this year.

The adorable family went through a lot in 2013, when Lisa announced that she suffered a miscarriage in her second trimester. The couple had been expecting a son, who would have been named Theo.

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