9 Jobs Celebrities Would Be Most Likely To Do If They Weren’t Famous

December 18, 2013

1. Waiting tables

Waiting Tables

Serving tables, as most people know, is the first step that a lot of people take to landing that first real gig in Hollywood. Therefore, if celebrities never really got that big break, a lot of them would probably still be waiting tables. The acting and performing that is required for being a great server would really qualify a lot of these actors for such roles.

2. Acting


Local performers in a community theatre all have big dreams of some day becoming famous. However, if celebrities did not become famous, a significant amount of them say they would still be interested in acting at some level.

3. Wedding planner

Wedding Planner

Wedding planner seems like a really far cry from performing; however, it makes perfect sense. Celebrities have the desire to travel and get to know a variety of unique locations, brands, and stylists; therefore, they would actually make excellent wedding planners.

4. Teacher


Many celebrities have expressed an interest in becoming a teacher when they were younger. This makes sense because in a way acting is presenting new material to an audience for everyone to learn and grow from, and that is the role of a teacher.

5. Mentor


A significant amount of celebrities have engaged in mentoring programs on his or her free time. This is an act that shows fans just how much the celebrities really genuinely care. If the celebrities did not ever become famous, many of them claim they would want a career as a mentor of some sort.

6. Philanthropy


Celebrities engage in philanthropic behavior all the time. This is why many of them claim that they would want a philanthropy job if being famous for singing or acting did not ever work out. Many celebrities donate money or goods to causes every year. That behavior proves that they have it in them to be giving and caring in their every day life.

7. Charity


There are tons of celebrities who run charities of their own. This is not an easy task, and there is not a ton of financial gain for an individual in this line of work. Furthermore, it requires more from people mentally and emotionally. Therefore, it is believed that celebrities would still engage in this type of career path if he or she had never become famous in the first place.

8. Stylist


One major career that a lot of celebrities believe they would be skilled at doing is becoming a stylist. Whether the actor, actress, or singer would want to be a hair stylist or a make up artist is variable between celebrities; however, a lot of them genuinely feel as though style is one of their innate strengths.

9. Lawyer


The acting that goes along with becoming a successful attorney would make being a lawyer a perfect job for people who did not actually make it as an actor or actress. There are some famous people out there who were even pursuing law degrees before he or she became famous.

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