8 Celebrities Obsessed With Canines

December 30, 2013

8. Ryan Gosling


Although he’s every woman’s dream Canadian, Ryan Gosling’s heart truly belongs to the canine species. Gosling’s dog, George, actually accompanied him during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. In subsequent interviews, Gosling made clear that he preferred chatting about George to talks about his acting career, admitting that, in his opinion, the dog was definitely the more interesting specimen.

7. Rachelle Lefevre


Twihards think of Racelle Lefevre’s biggest accomplishment as landing a role in the ever-popular Twilight film franchise. But the actress would argue that her appearance in Modern Dog Magazine is even more impressive. At just six pounds, her adorable dog Honey serves as a human baby of sorts, attracting attention wherever she goes.

6. Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall

Best known for her role in Sex And The City, Kim Cattrall has spent her post Carrie Bradshaw years on the stage, and, increasingly, with adorable dogs. She attracted plenty of attention during an appearance at a Harrod’s summer sale opening, during which she promoted the big event simply by posing for pictures while holding several squirmy puppies.

5. Ryan Reynolds

Rayan Reynolds

Actor and former teen idol Ryan Reynolds has no problem with letting the public know that, yes, he has a thing for dogs. He’s frequently been spotted out on the town with his stunning golden retriever. Ryan’s beau, Blake Lively, also happens to be a canine lover, so you know their relationship is the real deal.

4. Wayne and Paulina Gretzky

Wyne Gretzki and family

We all remember Wayne Gretzky as the ultimate hockey star, but these days, he’s keeping busy as a family man. Both he and his daughter are crazy about dogs, as was made clear in early 2013, when photographers caught Paulina Gretzky stowing an adorable little puppy…in her cleavage!

The famous daughter also makes a point of posing with puppies in constant Instagram selfies. Her dad can be credited for fostering this passion for canines.

3. Eugene Levy

Eugen Levy

As the star of Best In Show, Eugene Levy is automatically associated with all things canine. But this is only one of Levy’s dog-related gigs. The actor also broke ground as the star of a hilarious dog food commercial for Poochare. And based on his behavior in his doggie-based commercial and movie, Levy really is a lover of four-legged critters.

2. Catherine O’Hara


Speaking of stars from Best In Show, remember Catherine O’Hara? Like Eugene Levy, she got on famously with pooches while filming this comedy classic. More recently, O’Hara impressed once again in another movie about dogs: Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. In this animated feature, O’Hara played the loving mother of a boy who just couldn’t bare to say goodbye to his furry friend.

1. Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plumer

He may have starred in 2009’s My Dog Tulip, but Christopher Plummer cherished a love of canines long before they joined him on the silver screen. The actor and his wife keep busy with caring for an entire family of dogs, although Plummer admits that the humans are, in fact, on the bottom rung of the pack.

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  1. Joe February 18, 2014 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    How can you leave out, Jax? The boss of the Sons of Anarchy. He’s a Brit, but you’d never know it when he puts on his SOA cut, and the cameras start rolling.

  2. Shane Williams Sr. February 4, 2014 at 12:58 am - Reply

    only 2 I didnt know were Kiefer and Bob Hope. The rest I knew.

  3. Rini6 January 6, 2014 at 3:04 am - Reply

    Saw Rick Springfield (Actually, originally “Springthorpe” and, yes, he still performs and was hilariously witty and, yes, he sang “Jesse’s Girl”) and he slipped into his Australian accent only slightly. It was only then you could tell he wasn’t born in the U.S.

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