50 Cent Can’t Spare A Dollar: Faced With A $5 Million Lawsuit After Filing for Bankruptcy

July 22, 2015


Famed rapper 50 cent is in deep financial waters, but he claims that he has been pretty much broke for some time now. The 40-year-old music artist appeared in court on July 22nd, in order to discuss his financial situation, as he faces a $5 million lawsuit! No candy shop trips for you, Fifty.

The international superstar claims that his image is manufactured and that his bankruptcy situation is as real as they get.

The image he made for himself was all in the purpose of entertainment, and he doesn’t really own a lot of diamond jewelry or expensive cars.

The rap star, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, stated that he borrowed and rented most of the lavish materialistic things usually seen in his music videos, and that he doesn’t really lead an over-the-top lifestyle.

However, one may conclude that his once upon a time lux shenanigans actually led to this disastrous state. However, Fifty doesn’t seem bothered by the whole ordeal. The “P.I.M.P.” rapper explained that he’s paid 10 cents per record for his music sales, and that he made only six figures on his recent feature film appearances. We wonder if the rapper will change his artistic name to 10 cents now.

The G-Unit member filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, and talked about his financial troubles with Conan O’Brien soon after that: “I need protection. You look like you’re doing okay… I gotta be frank with you… You know, you get a bull’s-eye pinned on my back. When you’re successful, and you’re publicly known, you become the ideal person for people to have lawsuits for.”

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