20 Celebs Who Have Been Arrested


Celebrities show up in the news for all kinds of reasons. It could be some new movie or album is about to be released, or they are creating awareness for a cause, or even that they have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Yes, it is all too easy to forget the people you see and hear about on the news are more like you than you realize. Some celebs make stupid mistakes that lots of people around the nation are guilty of, and others did some pretty bad things, either before, during, or after their careers were over. On this list are the 20 best (or most advertised) celebrity arrests made in the last few decades. Take a look and see if your favorite celeb has done some time.

(Note the * means a celeb has been arrested multiple times)

1. Tim Allen*

If you grew up in the 90’s, then Tim Allen is the loveable, grouchy dad from Home Improvement. If you were born a little earlier, then you know a different side to everybody’s favorite DIY dad.

In 1979, Tim Allen was arrested after police discovered that he was in possession of almost a pound and a half of cocaine. The star pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking charge and served 2 years behind bars.

This is merely the longest stint behind bars that Allen has done. He has been arrested multiple times on drug or alcohol-related incidents. Apparently, Allen liked going to infinity and beyond just a little too much.

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