18 Celebrities Who Released Music… And Mostly Failed

Tyra Banks

3. Tyra Banks

It was 2004, and the Victoria’s Secret model was high off of her newfound success with the hit show America’s Next Top Model.

The supermodel-turned-mogul Tyra Banks decided it was about time she became a pop/dance star, on top of being a stunning mogul.

She tried to go along the lines of Jennifer Lopez, but it didn’t work for her as well as it did for the Latino diva. Tyra never released an album, just one horrible single, “Shake Ya Body.”

Despite being produced by hit machine Darkchild, the song bombed. The video didn’t help either.

It featured Tyra ripping off her wig in a dressing room diva fit, ANTM Cycle 2 contestants awkwardly stomping down a metallic runway, and epically bad, bad dancing.

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