15 Reasons Paris Hilton’s Lifestyle Rocks!

March 7, 2014

Wouldn’t we all just love to be the offspring of world-famous hoteliers?!

Paris Hilton is aswim in the ‘good life’ surrounded by luxury and decadence.

While each of us might spend her money differently if it was ours, her lifestyle definitely inspires some daydreams of what it might be like to walk in Paris Hilton’s shoes!

The following fifteen reasons might make you wish that you had a Paris Hilton lifestyle.

1. The Hilton Name

Paris is an heiress through her father who is the grandson of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels – the same Hilton name that has hotels and resorts in seemingly every part of the globe.

Though much of the Hilton fortune has been earmarked for charity, the Hilton name launched this socialite onto the Manhattan scene where the young beauty was a prominent fixture within the American aristocracy. Hilton also isn’t lonely with all those other Hiltons around. She has three siblings and some famous relatives including Kyle Richards.

2. Less a Trust Fund Baby than You Thought

In 2007 news surfaced that Barron Hilton was leaving 97% of his more than $2 billion to charity. That meant that grandkids like Paris could expect an inheritance of about $2 million–a lot less than the $50 million they expected.

No worries for Paris though. She’s hauled in millions herself proving that her glamorous It-Girl lifestyle makes its own cake. In fact, Hilton makes hundreds of thousands simply appearing at openings, galas and events; her presence ramps up the wow factor for any major goings-on.

3. The Suite Life of Paris Hilton

Paris’s last name doesn’t just appear on hotels all over the world; the golden-hair beauty actually grew up living in them. Homes included suites at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, the Hamptons and Beverly Hills. For Hilton and her siblings, room service was just a way of life.

Hilton resorts are among the most prestigious the world over; imagine being able to book a room at any time at any of those incredible venues with infinity pools, gourmet restaurants, and all sorts of ‘it’ people to run into. Paris Hilton is the princess of the hotel scene and it must be as wonderful as it seems!

4. Not a One-Trick Pony

Paris may have caught the public’s attention as a New York socialite, but don’t let the party-girl princess fool you. The young woman who’s been called ‘famous for being famous’ is also an entrepreneur, actress, model, author and a singer. Someday the world is going to wake up to find this living-proof of blonde ambition is running her own country – complete with pink sidewalks and little dogs for all!

Hilton has released numerous products in the health and beauty industry, too. Her products are supporting the Paris Hilton brand that she has built for herself while capitalizing on all the things she loves best.

5. She’s Sexy


Hilton, as many may recall, gained national – actually international – notoriety when an infamous sex tape was leaked to the world.

Her encounter with Rick Solomon might have seemed scandalous at the time, but it launched her into the mainstream so that everyone became acquainted with the sexy socialite even if they didn’t actually watch the tape!

Hilton isn’t afraid to flaunt her figure either. Her wardrobe is designed to complement her every stylish whim. In fact, she seems to look just like a Barbie Doll no matter what she decides to wear.

She’d look like Malibu Barbie even in Greenland!

6. She’s Not Tied Down

Paris has enjoyed no shortage of boyfriends, but she’s remained gleefully single. Some of her paramours have included Leonardo DiCaprio, Chad Michael Murray and Oscar De La Hoya.

Whether she’s dating a millionaire mogul’s kid or a hot young model, Hilton never seems to be lonely for attention from the opposite sex.

7. She Has a Sense of Humor

Hilton took the TV World by storm when she and pal Nicole Richie starred in “The Simple Life” which forced the two to endure life as many middle Americans do – on a farm, working in a fast food restaurant, and so forth.

The two might have cringed at many chores they had to do, but they were good sports and seemed to win the hearts of viewers. A star that can laugh at herself is a good thing!

8. A Fashionista Entrepreneur

Hilton has her own style and she’s taken that style into business. Hilton has more than forty Paris Hilton stores around the world that sell her perfumes, footwear, clothing, and other merchandise. Many items are even marketed with a label that is reminiscent of the socialite herself: ‘that’s hot.’ I

magine opening your very own store with your face and name on each box! Many product lines would eat their own boxes if they could get Paris Hilton to promote their wares. When Paris Hilton talks, the world seems to tune in no matter what she says.

9. She’s Hot

Speaking of hotness, Hilton is a beauty. Whatever her natural hair and eye color may be, the Paris Hilton look is a brand in itself. She’s cultivated a look that complements her lifestyle and keeps the media’s attention. Her blonde locks and trim figure are hallmark traits and she always seems to look ready to grace a magazine cover.

Take a look at all the many looks Paris Hilton has sported over the past decade or so. She rarely looks shabby and it’s hard to find any photos that aren’t flat out dazzling. She makes looking good look easy – which is just one more reason it would be fabulous to have her incredible lifestyle.

10. She Knows Where to Party


Hilton always seems to be up for a good time. The press recently caught her visiting Ibiza for some month-long club appearances.

As one of the hottest vacation spots in Europe, it’s no surprise that Hilton decided to jet-set there.

Her vacations are filled with luxurious rooms and staff that wait on her every whim! Hilton has also recently been spotted in Hawaii.

This go-anywhere lifestyle is just another reason so many people would love to be in Paris Hilton’s shoes which, according to reports, are a size 11.

Not only does Hilton like to party, she makes bank by appearing at them and having a good time!

11. She Wears Tiaras

Why shouldn’t she? In fact, for her 33rd birthday Hilton was photographed in a Barbie-esque pink gown and a sparkling tiara. As the queen of any scene she happens to be part of, the tiara is just part of her over-the-top charm.

The ultimate girly-girl just happens to like crowns; and why shouldn’t she? She can afford to buy a store-full! Of course, tiaras aren’t the only sparkling accessories sitting around her dressing room. One can only guess at the worth of her jewelry box and its contents. Hilton always sizzles with some great piece of bling.

12. She’s an Animal Lover

Hilton is famous for her little dogs! Not only has she been photographed with her pet pooches, she’s adorned them in outfits that match her own! This aspect of her lifestyle has many pet-owners wishing they could afford diamond collars for their canine babies too!

As an animal lover, Paris Hilton can afford to purchase mini-mansions for her pets and even have their nails done! They wear designer duds just like her and follow her wherever she goes. She’s never without a cuddle buddy and loves her cute and cuddly little pets.

13. She’s Invited to the Biggest Events

Only Paris Hilton would think to show up to the 2014 Grammies without panties – but that’s the media report! Hilton is always at the biggest events in fashion and entertainment. Hanging out with the stars, Hilton embodies the celebrity life and is right at home on the red carpets of the world.

From film openings to famous runways throughout Europe and the US, Hilton attends her fair share of major events. Does this girl ever sit home on the couch and watch TV with a half-gallon of ice cream? Probably not.

14. Plenty of Pink Rides


From her pink scooter to her pink Harley Davidson Mini, the pink-loving princess can have any car she likes and she likes them pink!

Of course, driving is necessarily just a whim for Hilton as she can be chauffeured around anywhere she likes.

Hilton even has a pink mountain bike – though it’s tough to imagine her trekking around on it!If it has four wheels and a pink paint job, it’s apt to catch her eye!

This living Barbie Doll is all about her dream cars and they all look like they came straight out of Barbie’s garage!

15. Luxury Digs

Paris Hilton, not surprisingly, lives in mansion in Beverly Hills when she’s not flying all over the world. Sumptuous furnishings and walk-in closets brimming with expensive duds, Hilton’s mansion is filled with the best of the best stuff. Her home is also filled with images of herself – another example of her over-the-top personality.

Though she certainly doesn’t seem to need to cook for herself, Hilton has been called a great cook. She has said that her specialty recipe is lasagna!

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