15 Celebs Who Married Their Fans


When it comes to love, who can love you more than someone who’s already pretty much obsessed with you? Sure, that’s not always the case (stalkers aren’t really a good choice, when you think about it) but some people just really like being adored. No wonder these 15 celebs married their fans. If anything, this proves that there’ always hope for us mortals, too.

1. Ruben Studdard

There’s nothing like a good set of lungs in a man to get the ladies rowdy. Ever since Ruben Studdard made his mark on American Idol, women have been gushing over him.

However, only one of them caught his eye and in no other place than in a Walmart store in Atlanta.

Studdard met his wife Zuri McCants when he was autographing her CD. The pair was immediately attracted to one another, and they began dating. No time to lose, eh?

Studdard and McCants married in 2008, but later divorced in April 2012 citing the ever-popular irreconcilable differences. Maybe the singer should avoid Walmart for some time.

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