15 Celebs That Suffer From Mental Illness


Mental health is gaining more and more attention by the day as 26% of Americans 18 years or older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. As the taboo around mental health slowly disappears, as it rightfully should, a lot of people are realizing that mental healthcare is as important as physical healthcare.

A lot of gratitude goes to these 15 celebs, who suffer from mental illness, and are not afraid to talk about their experience to help others.

1. Catherine Zeta Jones

The famously talented and beautiful Hollywood A-lister Catherine Zeta Jones has stepped out of the limelight a few years ago, and a lot of it has to do with her battle with bipolarity.

The famous actress can only be seen speaking publicly to help remove at least some of the stigma that comes with this condition.

The celeb suffers from bipolar II disorder, which differs from the bipolar I disorder is a few ways – although both levels of bipolarity possess many of the same characteristics, a person who suffers from bipolar II (such as Zeta Jones) never reaches the “full mania” state.

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