15 Celebs That Are Only Famous Because Of Their Parents


The majority of celebrities became what they are today due to their undisputable talents. They had to work hard for it, some of them even failed many times only to rise again simply because they are just that good in what they do.

They used their talents to work their way through the ranks and become the bright stars in the constellation called Hollywood.

On the other hand, there are some characters who are constantly making headlines, while putting minimal efforts to reach the ultimate blessing of being wealthy and famous.

The following figures have ‘made it big’ and are taking the spotlight only because of their respective famous parents who helped them break through and become successful. These celebs now shamelessly walk the coveted red carpet which was laid before them by their mothers or fathers.

1. Tori Spelling

Back in 1990, Aaron Spelling’s daughter Tori was cast in a starring role in her father’s mega-hit series “Beverly Hills 90210.”

Tori got one of the lead roles, the good girl, Donna Martin, and managed to use that to her advantage off screen as well.

When the famous show ended its long run, Aaron’s daughter became an author of an award-winning autobiography, appeared in numerous movies and television shows, and transformed into a master of networking the media.

Throughout the years, critics have always credited her enormous success to her father, however, Tori somehow managed to maintain her fame for more than two decades.

Ironically, since the producers realized the actress can’t really act, they figured – why don’t we create a show for her in which she won’t have to act at all? That’s how her reality show “True Tori” was born in which she played her “mostly” real, unscripted self.

Ok, society, this one is on us.

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