15 Celebs That Age Like Nobody’s Business


Actors, musicians, and entertainers of Hollywood are probably best known for staying youthful and fit regardless of how old they are. But some of them tend to forget about this trend, and have aged so terribly over the years that it can be hard to recognize them sometimes.

Whether it was unfortunate plastic surgery attempts or plain disregard for their looks, here are 15 celebrities that age like nobody’s business.

1. Val Kilmer

“Top Gun” became a hit in the 80’s and remained that way even 30 years later.

Thanks to the handsome Cruise-Kilmer duo, we have something nice to remember that time by.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with Val Kilmer. Maybe he was a sex symbol at a certain point, but nowadays he looks like the guy who ate Val Kilmer!

The Julliard-trained actor is turning 56 this year, but unlike wine, he didn’t age well. After “Batman Forever,” Kilmer gained a reputation of an actor who’s handsome, yet very uncooperative. That’s probably the main reason why we never saw him in another movie again.

And his appearance seemed like it was following his career. From bomb-shell pilot to Burger King, Val Kilmer is looking much worse now than 20 years ago.

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