15 Celebrity Couples Who Are Simply Wrong For Each Other


Oh, celebrity couples. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. While some couples are loved and they stay in the collective mind forever, other couples just merely vaporize into the sphere of “were they really together?” after a sub sequential time of not ignoring the fact that they were.

Then again, there’s the third case when we can’t get the celeb couple in question out of our face and we may or may not like them together but we certainly know one thing: they are so not good for each other.

Some of these couples are no longer couples, but they were so wrong, the mere memory of them dating is used as a children’s precaution tale. Whether they’re still together (for some unknown reason), or they’re broken up, these 15 celebrity couples who are simply wrong for each other are not something to thrive for.

1. Rihanna And Chris Brown

The relationship story of international superstar Rihanna and her colleague Chris Brown is still a topic that gets everyone’s blood pumping.

They seemed like the ideal couple, when all of a sudden we all (including Rihanna) found out that Brown has an anger management problem, if you can call domestic violence that.

The situation and the whole issue is no joke, and when Rihanna got back together with Chris – the world was appalled.

Sure, she didn’t want to kill his career and she loved him, and all that jazz, but he should have thought about that before he smashed her face and her heart. When the couple got together yet again in 2013, we all puked a little in our mouths, but luckily that ended pretty quickly.

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