13 most Shocking Moments of Game of Thrones

December 26, 2013

1. When a Girl Made the Kingsgaurd

brienne of tarth

We couldn’t believe our eyes when Brienne of Tarth started kicking butt and taking names to earn a spot on Renly’s Kingsguard. She proved to be just as worthy an opponent as Arya Stark.

2. When Cersei Slaps Joffrey in the Face

Cersei Lannister

Everyone take note – you know you need an attitude readjustment when your own mama doesn’t like you. We have a feeling time out is a lot more primitive here.

3. Dany Eats a Horse Heart

Daenerys Targaryen

Yea… thanks so much for the mental picture we can’t shake. For all of us who liked to watch Game of Thrones with our dinner in our laps, we decided to go to bed hungry to avoid barfing on our feet.

4. The Mother of the Dragons is revealed

Mother of Dragons

Yes. It was one of those moments that was kind of expected but it was still incredibly amazing to finally see this long-wished-for scene come to fruition. We can still see the baby dinosaur on that bare shoulder… memories.

5. Jaime Throws Bran out the Window

Brann falls

As if Jaime and Cersei, twin siblings, incest love wasn’t gross enough… Jamie goes crazy and just flat out shoves poor Bran out the window when he finds them together. Classic case of wrong place wrong time.

6. The Baby that Haunts Our Dreams


Oh yes… we thought we were totally safe from scary magic in season one. Dany’s dragons made us feel safe – that was until we met the Red Sorceress who birthed a freaky-as-all-heck shadow demon baby.

7. The Red Wedding

Red wedding

The wounds of this episode are still too much to bear. Weddings are supposed to be beautiful and happy… then our dreams were slashed when not just one but three of the main characters bit the dust.

8. Dany Shows the Slavers Who’s Boss

dragon fire

Talk about a kick-butt action sequence… Dany freed the slaves of Astapor and then turned around and let her dragons burn the heck out of the slavers. Best. Scene. Ever.

9. Mutiny, Mutiny, Mutiny


Unfortunately no one is safe on Game of Thrones and this scene just went to prove our point… and make us paranoid to see each new episode. Shockingly, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was killed by his own men.

10. Wildfire on the Bay

Wildfire Explosion

The Battle of the Blackwater was a welcome change from the otherwise slow-moving plot lines of Game of Thrones. This episode was so action packed that we were on the edge of our seat all night… extra points for blowing stuff up.

11. When Tyrion Married Sansa Stark


Just plain sad… these two did not want to get married to each other and even worse the wedding was sprung on them from out of the blue. Maybe they will find some common ground or at least tolerate each other.

12. When Tyrion Slapped Joffrey


Man, Joffrey’s bratty little butt just can’t catch a break! Early on in season one, Tyrion was the first get in on putting little Joffrey in his place. We are sure glad our nephews aren’t this bratty.

13. John Snow Kills His Mentor


Devastated and left with a permanent jaw drop, we couldn’t believe it when John killed Qhorin to gain the trust of the Wildings. Funny only one word comes to mind – Jerk. Jerk. Jerk.

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