12 Stars Who Don’t Care What You Think About Their Body


Although swimsuit season is already behind us, it doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at some of the celebrities who really let themselves go so much that they don’t even care.

Majority of A-listers spend thousands of dollars trying to look as good as possible and to reduce their body-fat levels to a minimum, but here we have 12 stars couldn’t care less about what you think of their bodies.

They are fat, happy and carefree. Hmm… maybe they’re onto something.

1. Tyra Banks

We all know Tyra Banks made her way to fame by literally getting paid to look good, but it seems this supermodel simply got tired of all the diets and exercises.

As she is now slowly reaching middle age, the 41-year-old Tyra is constantly being criticized for gaining weight and losing her perfect figure. However, she knows how to strike back.

Namely, a picture of her in a strapless, one-piece bathing suit leaked in one of the tabloids which labeled her as fat, but Tyra then decided to go on stage wearing the exact same swim suit and said: “You can kiss my fat ass!”

In fact, we can all do that. There’s enough of her ass for everyone.

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