12 Celebs Who Cheated On Their Gorgeous Partners


Some celebrities simply can’t resist the temptation of biting on that delicious chunk of forbidden fruit, even though they already have stunning partner, waiting for them at home.

It appears that constantly meeting new people and being surrounded by beautiful and aloof people all the time simply takes its toll and isn’t really helpful when it comes to keeping it in your pants.

Some celebrities on our list only had a onetime thing that went public, while others managed to even fall in love and to start a brand new relationship with that special someone else.

Hollywood is a cruel place to be in a serious relationship, even if you happen to be one of the most gorgeous celebs on the market.

1. Charlie Sheen (Cheated on Denise Richards)

It would be just plain wrong not to open with this guy. Charlie Sheen has done some pretty nasty stuff throughout his colorful career, but one of the craziest among them is definitely cheating on gorgeous Denise Richards.

The actress gained her status as a bombshell and very much pleased everyone’s eyes the moment she appeared on big screen back in a 1998 hit “Wild Things” alongside Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell and Kevin Bacon, and at that time it was pretty much inconceivable that anyone would need something on the side when you are already having a piece of that.

Well, Charlie Sheen is not anyone. The actor decided Denise just wasn’t enough, so he seduced his own assistant. No matter how beautiful she might have been, we doubt she was sexier than Denise.

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