10 Rich Celebs With Poor Siblings


3. Prince

Prince has tried to help his sister Tyka Nelson make it in the music industry, and he was a good brother who pulled some strings and got her a record deal.

However, rumor has it that Tyka was way too jealous of Prince’s world-wide success and had so many issues that she blew the record deal and resorted to taking drugs instead.

Tyka’s erratic behaviour led Prince to stop trying to help her, which for a drug addict like Tyka basically meant living on the street and making money by prostituting.

Back in the 1980s she did have a minor hit, “Marc Anthony’s Tune”, dedicated to, well, Marc Anthony, who was her imaginary boyfriend. Tyka also had a stuffed dinosaur she’d drag around on a leash when she did interviews. She’s blamed this behaviour on drug addiction, but one thing is for sure, her brother has given up on her and stopped assisting her in any way.

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