10 Rich Celebs With Poor Siblings


You’d think if one of your family members reached the stars you too would be financially set for life. Well, think again! With siblings like these, you clearly never know! All joking aside, today we look at the list of some of the uber-rich celebs who have siblings who are struggling financially.

1. Madonna

Madonna has been in the spotlight for so long you’d even forget she had family members other than her children.

Like most people, Madonna does have cousins and relatives, and even a brother who is rather poor.

Not only is he poor, but Anthony Ciccone is actually homeless. He’s been in and out of jail and has had problems with alcohol and drug addition.

Anthony is the oldest of the seven living Ciccone siblings, and has been quoted for saying ‘he’s never loved Madonna, and she’s never loved him’.

Anthony claims his famous sister, whose fortune sits at a whopping $1 billion, doesn’t care if he’s alive or dead, and clearly doesn’t care that he’s homeless. Madonna’s and Anthony’s parents are reportedly worried about their eldest, and have tried to seek him out to help him, but he didn’t want their help.

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